The creation of a monumental sculpture – Week 7

cast bronze art

Day 31

I spent all day mixing up bowl after bowl of plaster and putting it on in small amounts. Sometimes I take it all off again after I change my mind. It is a very slow process!

Day 32

Another back view of how Icarus is progressing. I like the angle of his neck and the sweep of the body.

bronze art
fine art

The end of the day and many small changes have been made. There is mess everywhere to be cleared up before I go home. It often takes 45+ minutes to clear and wrap up the sculpture before leaving.

I spent time working on the face. Note all the markings on the clay work. It is quite hard to keep the working loose. I want to define everything but must hold back at this stage.

human figure

This is a rather a posed photo but it shows the sort of angle the whole figure will be see from once it is finished. He is nowhere near finished! I don’t like the hands at all! They are clumsy and too large, but I am trying to get a feel for what I want.

sculptor near me

Day 33

Worked on the face again today. It is quite difficult to get at him. You can see that I have put more holes on the wings.

Day 34

I added more hessian to the bottom of the skirt like clothing. It is another texture and makes the work more interesting.

sculptor south east england

Day 35

End of the week and I feel that the work is really starting to take shape.