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Nicola Godden BA (Hons) MRSS.

I have been producing figurative sculptures in bronze for over 30 years. The bulk of my work has been private work of various sizes, exhibited in galleries in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States.

Large commissions have included:

  • ‘Icarus’ for the London 2012 Olympic Village
  • The ‘Sir Peter Scott’ sculpture for the London Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre in Barnes
  • ‘Hammersmith Man’ for the Hammersmith flyover
  • ‘Survivor’ for Eastman Kodak HQ in the US

Over time, my artwork has changed enormously and gone through many phases depending on where the inspiration to make the sculpture has come from. Recent works can be seen in the sculpture gallery, where most of the bronze sculptures are for sale.

Ideas are rarely drawn before working, as I like to keep the spontaneity and get ideas as I work. Original pieces of sculpture are created in clay or plaster because it is fast, enabling me to get the ideas out quickly. I always start with a metal supporting armature, using aluminium wire to produce the rough shape I am after, and then go from there — usually adding clay or plaster as fast as I can.

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‘In art, there is only one thing that counts: the bit that cannot be explained’.

Georges Braque

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