The creation of a monumental sculpture – Week 6

art bronze sculpture

Day 26

The right-hand wing has begun to catch up with the left and the whole area is now covered.

I use a surform blade on the surface of the plaster to take off any protrusions that I don’t want.

monumental sculpture
art near me surrey

Day 27

There is a lot more plaster on the wings now. I have put on many layers. I have also started to put some holes in the wings. I find holes aesthetically pleasing and they will help with the wind factor when the work is finished. I spent time working on the clay before getting.

Day 28

The main figure stayed covered as I focused on the wing shapes. I reconstructed the inner edge of the left wing so that it looks like it is filling with air.

artists human figure
icarus rising

Day 29

A view from the back. He has a pert bum, which will change over time. The figure is still at a very early stage.

Day 30

The figure is starting to come together and I love the parts I have done in clay. I enjoy working with clay and plaster, so this sculpture has been like ‘working heaven’ for me!

bronze statue