The creation of a monumental sculpture – Week 5

art installtion

Day 21

The skeleton is helping me to understand the human body structure.

You can see that I have decided to make the wings in plaster. This is the first application of the plaster and from here on it is a very messy task!!

art form
bronze statue

Day 22

The whole day was spent making bowl after bowl of plaster and painstakingly putting it on- I got very tired and my arms ached!!

Day 23

Here is the left-hand wing almost covered with the first layer of plaster.

human figure artist
human form art

It’s been a cold and tiring day, but I do enjoy working with plaster.

Day 24

I used a mallet and chisel to cut away at the plaster and scrim which was covering the metal frame.

human form artist
installation art

You can see where I have marked out another hole that I want to cut into the plaster just above and to the right. I want to break up the solid shape now.

Now that I have a rough shape for the left-hand wing, I start to look at the other one and prepare that for plaster.

life size sculpture surrey
metal sculpture

Day 25

Here is the right wing looking very messy indeed! It is very repetitive and time consuming putting the plaster on but I still enjoy the progress, slow as it is. It gives me time to think.

The end of day 25. It has been a long and physically tiring week!

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