Garden & Monumental Bronzes

Height: 204cm
Width: 61cm

Bronze Resin: £7,200
Bronze: £14,500

This work is currently on show
at Carden Park.

Mask of Achilles

A mask sculpture of the Greek mythological hero Achilles, positioned on a garden lawn

In Greek mythology, Achilles was a legend. He was an iconic figure, a young man, tough and resilient. His mother was a Goddess, his father mortal. A heroic and courageous warrior, Achilles is known for his exceptional strength and skill in combat. He was a formidable warrior and a complex individual. His determination and strength of mind contrasted with moments of introspection and vulnerability making him a multi-faceted character.

Like many heroes he was a very young man. The model for this mask was a young soldier.

‘I started to make the piece after reading Madeline Millar’s book ‘Song of Achilles’, which I adored.’ 

This sculpture came from Nicola’s interest in mythology.

It is pictured here in bronze, cold cast resin and rusted iron finish. It is also available in bronze.

The sculpture is about 4 times life size and stands at 204 cm high and is 61cm wide. The face alone is 80 cm long. The artwork is on a plinth made from sleepers which has a slate base.

Each one of the limited edition is handmade and if not immediately available can be produced within a few months. Each one will be slightly different as is the nature of handmade sculpture. It is made in England.