Large Bronzes
Edition of 6
Height: 260cm
Width: 200 m
Price: £48,000

This work can be viewed at
The Sculpture Park
in Surrey.

Icarus Rising II

Icarus Rising is the second largest Icarus bronze sculpture Nicola has created so far and the eleventh in the series.

Nicola loves, and is inspired by, the story of the mythological boy Icarus and his escape with his father Daedalus from King Minos. It is the story of courage and the flight to freedom. Nicola modelled the work loosely to capture the feeling of movement in the form.

The artwork is shown here in the stunning gardens at Beaulieu Palace in 2019.

This work is 260 cm tall with the wooden base base shown in the pictures, approximately 235 cm without the base.

It is 200 m wide and 60 cm deep from front to back.

The wooden base is 1.2 m square.

This bronze sculpture is hand made and may take a few months to cast into bronze. Each one of the limited edition will be slightly different simply because of the nature of being made by hand. It is made in England.

The process is a lengthy one and an ancient one, the lost wax process, which produces artwork that lasts forever.


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