Garden & Monumental Bronzes

Edition of 9
Height: 72cm
Price: £7,750
This work can be viewed at
The Sculpture Park
in Surrey.


Female torso sculpture situated in a garden with fields in the background

The ‘Eve’ and ‘Torso’ series of bronze figures began when Nicola picked up a piece of flint that looked rather like a female torso. Inspired by this Nicola than began by making a very small figure hardly bigger than the original stone and then did the series of figures which became larger and larger. Nicola made the larger Eves in plaster as it creates the smoothest of finishes. Nicola enjoys people wanting to touch the finished work.

Every edition number is unique in colour as Nicola likes to patinate each new bronze differently. This piece of sculpture is part of the ‘Eve’ series, there are 5 bronzes in this particular series.

Each one of the limited edition is handmade and if not immediately available can be produced within a few months. Each one will be slightly different as is the nature of handmade sculpture. It is made in England.