Large Bronzes

Edition of 9
Height: 76cm
Price: £12,720

This work is currently on show
at Cotswold Sculpture Park.

Crouching Woman (Femme Accroupi)

The female figure here is quiet and contemplative. This sculpture is a gentle piece of work and was very enjoyable to create.

This piece of sculpture was originally made out of plaster which meant that I could get the wonderfully smooth finish that is shown. The idea for this artwork came form seeing a small rounded stone that suggested a crouching form.

This bronze sculpture is free standing and is 76 cm high and the edition is 9 only. Any orders for this piece would have an 8 to 12 week lead in time. It is shown here with a patination colour of a rich deep green.

Each one of the limited edition is handmade and if not immediately available can be produced within a few months. Each one will be slightly different as is the nature of handmade sculpture. It is made in England.


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