Garden & Monumental Bronzes

Edition of 6
Height: 127cm
Price: £14,520

This work can be viewed at
The Sculpture Park
in Surrey.

Bone Form II

A bone like bronze sculpture placed in a large garden

This piece of bronze sculpture is life sized at 127cm tall.

Nicola had great fun working on this piece of artwork, it was originally made in plaster and was a very physical piece to make- it also made a lot of mess in the studio, which is always entertaining! This is a much larger version of Bone Form I.

Bone Form II is an abstracted bronze piece of art and is one of a small edition of 6. It is suitable for interiors, gardens and exterior sites.

Cast by Sculpture Castings Ltd, who Nicola has worked with for many years now.

Each one of the limited edition is handmade and if not immediately available can be produced within a few months. Each one will be slightly different as is the nature of handmade sculpture. It is made in England.