Large Bronzes

Edition of 9
Height: 206cm
Width: 73cm
Weight: 70 kilos
Price £13,750

This work can currently be seen
at Sculpture By The Lakes in Dorset.

Icarus X

This piece of sculpture shows the mythological figure of Icarus falling from the sky. Icarus and his father, Daedalus, escaped their captors and flew away with man made wings attached with wax. Icarus flew high into the sky, loving the flight, and flew too close to the sun. It is loosely sculpted to add to the movement and light of the work.

The patina colour on this bronze is blue to reflect the colour of the ocean Icarus falls into.

Each one of the limited edition is handmade and if not immediately available can be produced within a few months. Each one will be slightly different as is the nature of hand made sculpture. It is made in England.


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